One Lap of America: Whistlin’ Dixie

For the past two years we have journeyed across America and into Canada, first the Southwest and in 2015 the Eastern Seaboard and the Maritime Provinces.

This year it is the southeastern states. On or about April 1 we will cross the Mississippi, turn right and follow the Natchez Trace to the Gulf Coast, Florida and throughout the South.

We will begin on the 28th of March and expect to be away through early June.

The site will close for most routine business on the 21st of March and reopen in mid-June.

That said, we will not be completely closed during that time. You are free to click through this page to browse as you regularly do. And feel free to e-mail me to discuss or reserve pens, but I may be slow to respond and I will not be shipping anything until mid-June.

In the meantime, I eagerly invite you to follow our journeys (and, yes, I will be looking for pens as we travel) on The PENguin blog.


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