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November is, for me, dominated by my favorite of all the pen shows year in and year out, The Ohio Pen Show. But we have had some time to do a few updates to the website, some new knives, some new Montblancs and a new tray of Italian pens.

Remember, too, that The PENguin now sells knives. For a while at least. I went way overboard, as one does with a new collection, and now that I have focused on Shriogorov knives, I will be selling some pretty nice folding knives that no longer fit my collection. If you are interested, check them out.

Our Montblanc offerings are growing daily, check out the Montblanc For Sale page for details. Not listed is a near mint Montblanc 124 gold fill capped pen from the 1970s. And there are a ton more.

We also have a good couple handsful of Italian pens, check that out as well.

And do stop by and say hello if you are fortunate enough to be getting to the Ohio Show.

And enjoy the autumn. Here in parched California we have gotten our first modest storm of the year and are praying for more.

MBSP1: 1950 Montblanc 144 in green stripe. This pen shows typical ambering and the cap threads have been restored by Brad Torrelli and are still a bit tight. Otherwise a fine example with medium to fine two tone original nib. $900.

MBSP2: 1950s Montblanc 244 in brown arco. What to say? They really don’t get better than this superb example of a great classic celluloid Montblanc from the 1950s. With a 14 K Medium nib. $1,200.

PE3660: 1950 Pelikan 500. This is the very uncommon seagreen model. You just don’t see a lot of these. The barrel has an area of surface irregularity and the vermeil cap and turning knob show the usual light blemishes and wear. $650

OT3661: 2011 The PENguin Pen. This is the pen that we made along wth our good friend Bruno Corsini. You can learn about the whole process here. They have not been available for about six years, so I jumped at the chance to reoffer this immaculate example. They sold for as much as $1095. This is 18/20 with a modern 18 K OM nib, a wide range of other nib options available. I am also willing to create a new Certificate of Authenticity for the new owner. Comes with a case and the original penguin figure. $695. SOLD

AB24: 1935 Pelikan 100N Magnum. This is one of the most interesting of the early Pelikans. Specially made for the very active Portugese distributor Emege. This is a pretty well-used example. The bad news is discolored red hard rubber, worn imprints and a replaced barrel. The good news is that the pen shows no cracks, gouges or damages and the price is about half what you would expect. If it goes up on the website, it will be around $1,600. To you guys, $1,400. SOLD

   Images of the pens are available on request.

Fall Pens

Let’s start with a small tray of newly arrived Parker Duofolds. In addition we almost always have a few 51s available.


From left to right:

  • PA3641-1922 Parker Lucky Curve 24 ½ . Black chased hard rubber. The pen has what may be a jeweller’s band with owner name. I have not attempted to polish it. Fully restored. Semi-flex fine #4 nib. $95. SOLD
  • PA3642-1925 Parker Duofold Senior in jade green. Better than average color, minimal wear. This would make a fine user. Medium nib with a hint of softness. $125. SOLD
  • PA3643-1927 Parker Duofold in lapis. A most curious pen. The barrel is as thick as a senior, but a good half inch shorter. My best guess is that it cracked and was cut and rethreaded outside and fitted with a streamline (non threaded) section. Just to top things off, it has a cracked cap, which I will stabilize and seal. The nib is a Vac Oversize with a comb feed. It’s a curiosity and can be yours for $45. SOLD
  • PA3644-1928 Parker Duofold Senior in jade green. This one has Typical discoloration and wear. Fine nib. $65. SOLD
  • PA3645-1928 Parker Duofold Senior in red permanite. Good condition with a Vacumatic Oversize medium nib and comb feed. Owner imprint. Great user. $95. SOLD
  • PA3646-1929 Parker Duofold Deluxe in jet and pearl. Average color and condition, it has a fine Duofold nib and comb feed which is probably original to the pen. $145.
  • PA3113-1945 Blue Diamond vacumatic Parker 51. Gold filled cap and india black barrel. $125. We have a number of other 51s, many in dove gray. Inquire.

This second tray highlights some new arrivals and some outstanding opportunities.

  • OT3496-1950s Osmia 884. Green with green stripe body. If it were a Soennecken, Pelikan or MB it would have flown off the table but no one knows these pens. It is a full size pen with a two tone flexible fine gold nib. A superb pen in every way. I probably should keep it. $295 SOLD.
  • OT3604-1930s Reco 501. Another underappreciated German pen from Ric Lei, famed makers of safeties. The nib is a 14 Karat Bock medium nib with good flex. $295
  • OT3558-2015 Replica. This features a replica Pelikan 100 body, custom binde, a 14 K gold flexible fine Matador nib. A whole German pen collection in one! This is a one of a kind pen, great fun. $425.
  • PE3585-1930s Pelikan 100 with a lizard binde and a black hard rubber cap. Not a replica, but not catalogued (there is no record of Pelikan ever having sold a lizard with black cap) and it is on a replacement barrel. The nib is a fully flexible 14 Karat medium Pelikan nib. A superb user for the price of an ordinary 100. $575. SOLD
  • PE3647-2011Pelikan M101N brown tortoiseshell. If you don’t care about box and papers, here is the pen for you. Shows no use or wear and comes with the original fine 14 K modern nib. Other options are possible. $325. SOLD

Two classic sets here:

  • OT3648-1929 Wahl Eversharp Signature black chased hard rubber pen and pencil set. The set shows excellent original color, typical wear to chasing. I have not polished it, but will on request. The nib is a rigid fine. $325.
  • JH197-1930s Waterman’s Patrician Onyx pen and pencil set. The pen shows better than average color and the pencil is very early with patent applied for markings. The nib is a lovely flexible fine. Priced reasonably to sell. $1,200.

We also have the following:

  • PE3582- 1935 Pelikan 100 with blue binde stamped Emege. This is a fine example, though, as is often the case, the blue barrel band has shrunk about 1 mm. The Emege imprint is original and not one of the latter-day laser reproductions. $1,500.
  • GM1-2000 Pelikan Tale of the White Tiger. This stunning pen, crafted of white marble resin and vermeil, was issued as a limited edition of only 888 pieces. If you can live without box or papers you save more than half of the street price. Yours for only $1,200, a lot less than I paid for mine.
  • PE3649-2004 Pelikan Schreibgeräte. This is the 2nd Edition of the Pelikan Bible, a must for any collector of these birds. Not much else to say. $250. SOLD
  • PE3559-2015 Pelikan M805 in anthracite, the so-called Stressemann. This is the latest M805, a cool, monochromatic beauty. The pen is new and in the box. Comes with a Fine 18 K rhodium plated nib. $640
  • OT3492-1950s Aurora 88P fountain pen and mechanical pencil iin the box. In black with polished white metal caps. SOLD
  • PE3584-1990 Pelikan M800 green transparent. It is becoming increadingly hard to find mint, stickered, unused examples. Here’s one with a medium 18 K nib, as they came from the factory. In box, but no papers. $625 SOLD
  • MB3589-1980s Montblanc 146 in black resin. This modern classic comes in the box and is in excellent condition. The nib is a single tone 14 Karat Broad that shows just a hint of softness. $325.
In 1987, having gone to the brink of extinction and being saved by Swiss bankers and Asian investors, Pelikan built its first oversized pen, based on the early postwar design of the famed Pelikan 400. The M800, as the new pen was designated, was intended to compete with the larger pens of its long-time rival, Montblanc. The new pen was a departure and, presumably, a necessary risk, for the company. The gamble paid off and over the next few years the Pelikan M800 emerged as arguably the finest pen of its era.

For those of you who want to wear your allegiance to Pelikan front and center, we are pleased to offer these belt buckles. They are cast in bronze by a leading pen collector who is also a jewellry maker. They are just under two inches in diameter and have a bracket that allows you to put them on any 1 ¼” belt. We can also offer them in sterling silver.

The brass buckles are $175.00 plus shipping and we can supply them with a belt for $205.00.

Click here to buy this item or get more info.

Purpose, Pens and Pelikans

This year marks twenty-seven years of pen collecting for me. I began with Sheaffers and Parkers and then looked to the classical "big four," of American pendom, Parker, Sheaffer, Watermans and Eversharp. In the mid-1990s, I decided to focus narrowly on Parkers. Then in 1997, I became interested in Pelikans. More recently I have added an interest in oversize German pens, modern and a few vintage Italian pens and a representative sample of the classical American greats.

Today my collection is probably smaller than it was a decade ago, but far more coherent. For more see the About Me page. If you wish to learn more about Pelikan pens please follow this link to the illustrated Pelikan History article I wrote for PenTrace. The purpose of PENguin is to offer other collectors, and anyone else who is interested, first rate, fully restored pens to add to your collection or for daily use. All pens offered here have been fully restored by me or by German craftsmen who I trust and are guaranteed to you for two years. (Please note that this guarantee is not transferrable.) I want you to be able to use or enjoy your pens as much as I do.


It’s been a while since we updated the Pen Traveler. As many of you know, we love to travel and now that we are both retired (me, sort of) we are doing more. Our most recent trip was to Spain. We began at the Madrid Pen Show and then spent a couple of weeks going from Bilbao to Zaragosa, to Barcelona and then Valencia and ending up in Granada. If you follow my blog, you know, since it now seems to deal more with travel than pens. So above you see a few of my images from Spain.

In January we went down to Southern California for a quick trip to see friends, and I’ve not yet blogged that. Next up will be the Northeast Corridor edition of our Lap of America, starting in April with the Chesapeake and taking us all the way up to Nova Scotia and Prince Edward’s Island. Stay tuned.

In the meantime enjoy a sample of images from our travels past and recent.

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