One Lap of America: El Primer Parte

I have long dreamed of a post-retirement motor trip that would take me and my wife, Sharon, across the United States and Canada. As we discussed it over the past few years it became clear that this would have to be done in more than one piece. We now envision four parts, undertaken each spring from now through 2017.

Beginning on the 7th of April, we will undertake the first part of the journey, a two month expedition through the American southwest.

The site will not be completely closed during that time. You are free to click through this page to browse as you regularly do. And feel free to e-mail me to discuss or reserve pens, but I may be slow to respond and I will not be shipping pens until mid-June.

In the meantime, I eagerly invite you to follow our journeys (and, yes, I will be looking for pens as we travel) on The PENguin blog.


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