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Italian Pens: For Sale

Recently, my interest in Italian pens has grown, and as I have begun acquiring pens, I have been picking up some bargain pens to share with you as well as trimming and curating my own collection. In the following months we will be adding new pens as I develop additional sources, as well as some additional information and images, so check back often. But for now, enjoy (oh and buy)!

Italian Tray!
Newly Added Italian Pens!
  • ITT1-1930s Aska Dama size, button filler, red marble, 14 K Aska medium nib, excellent flex. $250.00 SOLD
  • ITT2-1940s Ancora lever filler, gray and white, 14 K Ancora medium, superb flex. $275.00 SOLD
  • ITT3-1940s Ancora oversize piston filler, dark red marble, repaired barrel, Waterman’s 7 red nib, excellent flex. $375.00 SOLD
  • ITT4-1940s Columbus 90 click filler, blue and black marble, 585 Columbus fine nib, moderate flex, $150.00 SOLD
  • ITT5-1940s Montegrappa button filler, brown arco, 585 Montegrappa fine, minimal flex, $150.00
  • ITT 6 1950s OMAS Extra Dama size, platinum, 585 OMAS broad nib, minimal flex-pitted trim, missing trim ring, $150.00 SOLD
  • ITT7-1940s Radius button filler, red marble, 585 Radius nib, excellent flex, but crack behind vent hole, $75.00 (replacement nib available) SOLD
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  1950s Aurora 88K
  Temporarily Out of Stock  
Recently Sold
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  1950s Quadretti Colorado
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  1940s Columbus Extra
  Details >  
  1960s Aurora 98K
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  1950s Parker “51”
  Details >  
  1940s Kosca
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  1990s Aurora Optima
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  1940s Aurora 88
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  1997 OMAS Extra
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  1940s Duchessa
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  1940s Columbus 70
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  1993 OMAS Extra
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