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1950s Black Pelikan 140s
Buy This Pen  

We have several fully restored models in stock. Please inquire if none are listed here.

The Pelikan 140 was the workhorse of Pelikan's post World War II revival. Produced in the millions, the green striped pens are everywhere, even today. If you seek something out of the ordinary in a 140, try the cool, elegant 140 in black. Various nibs available, please inquire. $195.00 each unless stated.

PE2574: 1959 Pelikan 140 in black. This is a very clean pen but the nib is the thing here. Those of you who know Pelikan nibs know that the Broad nibs from the 1950s were perfect stubs. This is a superb example! $225.00 SOLD

PE1735: This pen has the old style script nib in broad, and is very clean with no flaws. $215.00 SOLD

PE1912: This pen still has the nib sticker (which shows some wear), but has seen ink, though it shows no signs of use. The nib is an EF, and there is some choice of other nibs, though you might want to keep it intact. A good starting point for advancing or upgrading your collection of 140s. $225.00. SOLD

PE2056: 1959 Pelikan 140 in black. This pen, which is without flaws and shows only minimal wear is highlighted by an oblique medium nib with just a hint of flex. $225.00 SOLD

PE2362: 1950s Pelikan 140 in black. In excellent condition with the standard EF logo nib. $195.00

Year: 1950s   Condition: Excellent
Cap: Black acrylic   Body: Black celluloid
Nib: Various nibs, please ask   Price: $195.00 each (unless stated)
Length: 4 3/4"   Flaws: None
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