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1937-1950 Black Pelikan 100Ns
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We have additional models in stock, please inquire.

PE3058:1950 Pelikan 100N in black. This is a flawless pen either to use or as part of an emerging Pelikan collection. The nib is a medium with good flex. Shows only expected light signs of use. $550.00 SOLD

PE2999: 1948 Pelikan 100N Milano in black. This is one of the pens manufactured in Milan after World War II. It has the integral body and binde characteristic of these pens as well as an unusual clip and the hearthole Italian CN nib, in extra fine with a huge amount of flex. A black 100N with a difference. $625 SOLD

PE2042: 1938 Pelikan 100N in black. This early 1938 pen has a light yellow inkwindow. As is common, the captube is hard rubber and the captop celluloid. Mixed filler. The nib is a double incised script 585 fine with good flex. A very clean early pen. $595.00 SOLD

PE2043: 1939 Pelikan 100N in black. This is an extremely clean all celluloid pen with a light green ink window. The nib is a double incised script 585 OB with super flex. A superb everyday writer. $595.00 SOLD

PE2026: This early wartime all celluloid pen dates from about 1939 and is in flawless condition. Someone has fitted it with a postwar filling mechanism. The medium ball pointed nib shows lovely flex. $525.00. SOLD

PE2195: 1939 Pelikan 100N in black. This is an all celluloid pen, including the cellulose acetate body which is dark green. The inkwindow is slightly clouded, but light and clear. The nib is a 14 K 585 EF with superb flex. A superior pen in all ways $595.00. SOLD

Year: 1937-1950   Condition: Excellent, unless indicated
Cap: black hard rubber or celluloid   Body: cellulose nitrate/black binde
Nib: varies   Price: $595.00, unless indicated
Length: 4 5/8"   Flaws: See individual descriptions
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