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1932-1944 Black Pelikan 100s
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We have several pens not listed, please inquire.
Number Year Nib Comments Price
PE3331 1940 double incised 585 14 Karat Broad 1940 Pelikan 100 in black. Always a favorite for their elegant good looks, this is a fine example in all-celluloid. The nib is a double incised script 585 14 Karat in Broad stub, not a common nib. SOLD
PE2775 1935 14 K 585 plain script 1939 Pelikan 100 in black. This is one of the transitional 100s with mixed hard rubber and celluloid parts and the second generation acrylic barrel. It is in very good condition with some wear to the turning knob and a very interesting broad stub 14 K 585 plain script nib that may be a retip. SOLD
PE2699 1939 14 K EF Pelikan 100 in black. Always a favorite for their elegant good looks, this is a fine example. With mixed hard rubber and celluloid correct to this era, the double incised script 585 14 Karat nib is an EF. The binde is shrunken about .05 mm and the inkwindow is dark, but a superb pen with an unusual but authentic clip. SOLD
PE2378 1934 14 K flexible Arabic medium The ink window on this pen has darkened and the hard rubber shows some fading. However, the early incised script 14 K nib is a superbly flexible Arabic medium. This is one to use and enjoy! SOLD
PE2507 1939 14 K medium Pelikan 100 in black celluloid with a clear olive green ink window. The nib is a plain script 585 14 K medium with better than average flexibility. This is one to use and enjoy! SOLD
PE2292 1933 fine flex 14 K These pens seem to be hard to find, even moreso than the grays. This is a good clean example although the ink window has ambered to a deep red, not easily seen through. The nib is a fine flexible 14 K. A superb user or part of a basic early Pelikan collection. SOLD

We have Pelikan 200 mechanical pencils to match any of the above models. Add one and make a set. Pencils range in price from $75.00-125.00. Please inquire for price and specific materials and markings.


  • All pens have correct parts for the year indicated unless otherwise noted.
  • Pens from 1932-1937 will have hard rubber caps, captops and mechanisms, as well as the old style logo on the captop.
  • Pens from 1938-1944 will be in celluloid, with the new style captop logo.
  • Transitional pens will be described more fully.
  • All nibs are 14K unless indicated.
  • Each nib is correct to the year of the pen.
  • Nib swaps are possible.
  • Feel free to e-mail for further detail.
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