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1937-1950 Green Pelikan 100Ns
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  We now have a broad selection of green and gray 100Ns from the 1950s in near mint condition, one of which is in the box, please inquire.  

The Pelikan 100N, produced from 1937 until some time in the early 1950s, is larger and more streamlined than the classic Pelikan 100 and holds correspondingly more ink. Early models have the same hard rubber charm; late models, with their synthetic seals, make tough and reliable little workhorses. There are two capband styles for 100Ns, as the photograph shows. We tend to have slightly more pens of the two-capband style come through the site. The pens described below have correct parts for the years listed unless otherwise noted. Nibs swaps are usually possible, and more details are available on request.

PE2904: 1948 Pelikan 100N in green with the somewhat uncommon fluted trim. A good user, with a spectacular Broad stub CN nib. If you haven't tried the Pelikan steel nibs, you should. A great bargain for a super user at $275.00 SOLD

PE2905: 1950 Pelikan 100N, green striated binde with black celluloid cap. The clouded ink window makes this a perfect user, as does the medium flexible double incised script 585 nib. This pen is completely sound and fully guaranteed. $350.00 SOLD

PE2422: This early postwar (1947) model has a medium CN (steel) nib. CN nibs are often overlooked by gold-obsessed folk but can be great writers and this one is. It has a perfectly clear barrel and the less common fluted trim. A great looking pen. The section has a perfectly sealed crack, making this a great user at a great price.$250.00 SOLD

PE2423: This early postwar (1947) model has a fine CN (steel) nib. CN nibs are often overlooked by gold-obsessed folk but can be great writers and this one is. The inkwindow shows a hint of clouding. $300.00 SOLD

PE1970: 1939 Pelikan 100N green acrylic barrel with green marbled celluloid binde. The barrel on this is only mildly clouded, the ink level is easily visible. Overall the pen is in fine condition. With a 14 K plain script OB nib, this pen would make a fine user. The inner threads to the section are stripped on this pen, so I had to secure the nib collar with bonding agent. Otherwise a fine pen. $325.00 SOLD


Year: 1937 - 1950   Condition: See description
Cap: Black hard rubber or resin   Body: green striped band
Nib: 14 K various   Price: See description
Length: 4 3/4"   Flaws: See description
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