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1987-1999 Black Pelikan M800
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We have two additional pens available, please inquire.

AB2: 1987 Pelikan M800 in black. Stickered with a 14 K OBB nib, offered with a 14 K Medium nib. $475.00 SOLD

PE2798: 1997 Pelikan M800 in black. This pen shows no signs of having been used. It is what I now refer to as Series III, from about 1992:1999, the old style, marked Germany with the streamlined captop medallion. 18 K Fine PF marked nib. $395 SOLD

PE2875:1987 Pelikan M800 in black. This is a first year pen, the ne plus ultra of M800s. The pen is fitted with a 14 Carat Medium nib. I disassembled the pen to clean the interior thoroughly and lube the mechanism, but did not need to polish it, it’s that clean. In excellent + condition. $435 SOLD

PE2525: 1988 Pelikan M800 in black. This new old stock early 800 comes in an original box with an 18 K fine nib. The pen is especially interesting as it offers both a rarely seen cap medallion that is transitional between the first year and the later version. They hardly get better than this. $425.00. Some nib choice available. SOLD

Year: 1987-1999   Condition: Excellent +
Cap: Black acrylic   Body: Black celluloid
Nib: 18 K, some choice   Price: $350 unless noted
Length: 5 1/2"   Flaws: None

We have ballpoint pencils to match the pens above.

The matching mechanical pencils in black are temporarily out of stock.

PE2628: 1990 Pelikan D800 mechanical pencil in black. Old Style with W. German markings. $135 SOLD

PE2629: 1990 Pelikan K800 ballpoint in black. Old Style with W. German markings. $135

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