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1950 - 1956 Pelikan 400 in Green Stripe
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We have several green Pelikan 400s in stock that we have not yet been able to list. Please inquire for availability and nib choices.

1950-56 Pelikan 400 in green stripe. This is the pen that built Pelikan’s reputation as a premier maker after World War II. Always a classic, and a design that the company carries on today. All our pens are completely remanufactured and guaranteed to you for three years. Most common nibs are fine and extra fine always with a superb degree of flex, enough to give your writing character when you want it, yet a light touch enables you to write smoothly and quickly. Inquire for more exotic nibs.

PE3061: 1950 Pelikan 400 in green stripe. This is an extraordinarily clean, early pen with a Broad stub nib in the old style with superb flex. The turning knob is also marked B. The broad stub is one of my favorites and this is a superb example. $225.00. SOLD

PE3062:1953 Pelikan 400 in green stripe. An excellent pen with a logo style EF nib. $205.00 SOLD

PE3063:1953 Pelikan 400 in green stripe. An excellent penwith rich color with plain script Fine nib. $205.00 SOLD

PE3117: 1952 Pelikan 400 in green stripe. A very fine with good color and a plain script Fine nib. $205.00

PE2684: 1954 Pelikan 400 in green with a really nice OM nib. OMs are among the best of the best Pelikan nibs from this era and this is a fine example. $205.00 SOLD

PE2889: 1954 Pelikan 400 in green with great color and a moderately flexible script style Fine nib. A superb pen for everyday use or as a gift. $195.00. SOLD

PE2685: 1955 Pelikan 455 green ballpoint pen to match the above pens or a green 400NN. $85.00 SOLD

Year: 1950 - 1956   Condition: Very Good
Cap: Black celluloid   Body: Green striped celluloid
Nib: Various   Price: $195
Length: 5"   Flaws:  
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