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Tortoise Pelikan 100N & 101N
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These are arguably the most beautiful of the pre-World War II Pelikans. The image below offers a representative sample of pens on offer. We have a changing cast of characters, so feel free to inquire.

PE3329: 1950 Pelikan 101N in tortoise and red resin. Folks are always asking for low priced tortoise Pelikan 101Ns, and usually I cannot help. But this pen looks and performs well, except that the ink window has a small internal stress crack. I doubt it will go any further in the near future, but it is there. The nib is a double incised script 14 K fine with good flex on a later 400 style feed. With a limited (one year) warranty. $650

PE3339: 1937 Pelikan 100N in tortoise with a red hard rubber cap. This is about the cleanest, crispest tortoise 100N that I have offered in a long time. The red hard rubber shows minimal wear with strong imprints and milling, the binde is a rich even honey color. The nib is a moderately flexible single script fine with other options possible. Expensive and worth it at $1,450 SOLD

PE2758: 1938 Pelikan 100N , second year, in tortoise with crisp red hard rubber cap and mechanism. These pens are around a lot, but not usually in this kind of condition, which is flawless. The binde is very light and clear with dark color accents and a hint of red. The nib is a 585 14 Karat plain script in medium to broad with superb flex. $1400

PE3093: 1938 Pelikan 101N in tortoise and red hard rubber. This is quite a lovely pen, except for the poor color match between the cap and barrel. Otherwise excellent condition. The nib is a superb OB with double incised script. A fine pen to use and as part of an emerging Pelikan collection. $950.00 SOLD

PE3094: 1939 Pelikan 101N in tortoise and red hard rubber. This one is a fine user, in good condition and pre-stained, so you do not have to worry about use or abuse. The pen has one interesting anomaly, a straight hard rubber section. I have seen these before with the same sections, so it might or might not be a replacement. I wouldn’t want to say. The nib is a 14 Karat double incised script style in medium to fine. A curious pen. $800.00 SOLD

Year: 1937 - 1950   Condition: See description
Cap: Red hard rubber or resin/tortoise celluloid or resin   Body: tortoise band
Nib: 14 K various   Price: See description
Length: 4 3/4"   Flaws: See description

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