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The big news at PENguin Central this month is growth. Thanks to everyone who bought pens in DC, at the San Francisco Pen Show and online we just had our best sales month and as a result we are able to offer an increasingly wide range of pens, both vintage and modern.

That’s the good news, the bad news is that we are so busy that the site remains hideously out of date. Below the September news are listings of some of our more notable recent additions.

And these are our newest arrivals:

  • 1929 Pelikan. This is a first year in black and it is as close to perfect as can be. $1,850. SOLD
  • 1935 Pelikan 100 in tortoise and red hard rubber. This is about as good as they get. $1,800.
  • 1932 Pelikan 110, White Gold, in Very Good condition with a four vent cap. $1,650
  • 1987 Pelikan M800 in black with a Medium 14 K nib. This is one of the highly prized first year pens. $575

In addition we have from earlier offerings lizard 101Ns in yellow and white trim and 100N and 101Ns in tortoise.

Finally, we are accepting deposits for the M101N red tortoiseshell. It appears that the street price will be $520 and I will match that. I will also be offering vintage nibs with these pens.

We also have some other notable additions:

  • Soennecken 222 Superior Set in black with a mild oblique double broad nib. Equal to the best Soennecken has to offer at a fraction of the price. Click filler. $475.
  • Pelikan 400 in gray. An uncommon pen and essential to any emerging Pelikan collection. $475.
  • Normally I would not note a tortoise 400, but this one is special, with a highly prized Broad nib. If you don’t know about these, ask. $325.
  • K850 in black with a gold filled cap. These are really uncommon and mate well with the M1050 offered below. $250.
  • We now have three green transparent M800s, one that is mint in the box at $650; one that is used and with a touch of clouding to the ink chamber in one spot at $425; and a strictly user grade at $350.
  • 1937 Pelikan 100N in tortoise and red hard rubber. There’s not a whole lot to say about this pen, it is a first year 100N and is as close to perfect as any lightly used 77 year old pen can be. It comes in a 100N box. $1,400. SOLD

This week’s special Pelikans include a couple of bargain pens:

  • 1931 Pelikan with an early light green binde. The binde has been skillfully repaired and the pen presents well. A fine addition to an emerging collection. PE3330-$695
  • Folks are always asking for low priced tortoise Pelikan 101Ns, and usually I cannot help. But this pen looks and performs well, except that the ink window has a small internal stress crack. I doubt it will go any further in the near future, but it is there. With a limited (one year) warranty PE3329-$650
  • I should also note that we have in inventory Lizard101Ns in gold filled and nickle trim and two less common tortoise 100Ns with red hard rubber trim. Check out the tortoise page.

We continue to add pens into inventory and here are a few noteworthy Montblancs:

  • We have two Montblanc 149s from the 1990s, with plastic filler threads but hard rubber feeds. One (MB3323) has a fine 18 K nib; and the other (MB3322) a broad. $425 SOLD
  • 256 from the 1950s. This pen is strictly user. It has brassing and a dent in the cap under the clip. The nib is a minimally flexible 14 K fine. $275
  • Danish 226, button filler, near mint in the box. Fine 14 K nib. $295

Some of our finest vintage Pelikans include a very clean jade 1932, two 101Ns in lizard and a 100N in tortoise, please inquire. And, of course, we have all the usual stock-in-trade Pelikans for giving and to fill in holes in your collection. Just ask.

Just recently arrived modern Pelikans:

  • M1050 in black, available as a set with a K850 ballpoint
  • ca 2008 black M1000 with a nice, soft, fine nib.
  • M900 Toledo. This is the W. German model, flawless without box. SOLD
  • M910 Toledo, the silver Toledo, available with or without the travelling desk. In immaculate condition. SOLD
  • M800 green transparent. This is our fourth recently. We still have three, one new in box. This has been gently used, but shows signs. No box. Inquire about any of the three.
  • M810 Blue Ocean. This shows no signs of use, no box. SOLD
  • First year (1987) green stripe Pelikan M800 with a fine 14 C nib. Complete, correct. Excellent + condition. I probably can come up with a correct box for this. SOLD
  • First year (1987) black Pelikan M800 with a fine 14 C nib. Complete, correct. Excellent + condition. I probably can come up with a correct box for this. SOLD
  • 1988 green stripe M800 with a really uncommon 14 C EF nib. Excellent +, no box. SOLD
  • 1989 green stripe M800 with an 18 C fine nib. Excellent +, no box. SOLD
  • 1988 Pelikan M750. We actually have two of these, both gently used, but showing signs, one in box, one not. Inquire. SOLD

In addition we have earlier consignments that include some M2500 and M250 pens. And there are still a few of the Montblanc Limiteds that are on the MB page.

And, last but not least there are many pens still available from Alan Lew’s collection, see the list below.

So the bottom line is that we have a ton of pens and will be working tirelessly to get them listed properly on the site, but in the meantime, help us out by taking off our hands before we have to photograph and list them and you can save a few bucks.

For more images, visit our Pen Traveler Images page.


We are pleased to offer the Alan Lew Memorial Collection of Pelikan Pens. Those of you who read The PENguin Blog may recall the tragic 2009 death of Alan who was not only a friend and client but a spiritual guide. Alan’s wife and daughter have entrusted his Pelikans to me and I am pleased and proud to offer this preliminary list of highlights:

  • Pelikan 100 Custom Coral binde SOLD
  • Pelikan 100 Dark Tortoise w, Red cap, black mechanism SOLD
  • Pelikan 111T Toledo-incorrect cap SOLD
  • Pelikan 101N Red Tortoise
  • Pelikan M620 San Francisco SOLD
  • Pelikan M620 Shanghai rollerball and fountain pens SOLD
  • M640 Sahara
  • Pelikan M700 Toledo SOLD
  • Pelikan 1931 L.E. Yellow Gold—14K Double Broad Stub SOLD
  • Pelikan 1931 L.E. Toledo—14k Double Broad Cursive Italic SOLD
Recent Arrivals
  • An uncommon Montblanc 34 in gray with a 585 OB nib
  • Two Montblanc 22’s-great starter/gift pens SOLD
  • A spectacular Montblanc Tiffany marked 164S Sterling barleycorn ballpoint SOLD
  • One modern Montblanc 146 SOLD
  • Two Soenneckens: a gray candy stripe 510 and a 507 in black and a green marble Tower SOLD
  • A Pelikan 140 in black with reverse trim, hard to find, they don’t stay around long
  • A modern Pilot Bamboo near mint in the box SOLD
  • A Black oversize Montegrappa with a steel ABT nib
  • A steel nibbed Geha school pen in the (rather battered) box

Finally, we have a very special consignment of Limited Edition Montblancs and Pelikans. If you are interested, e-mail, and remember that for all your holiday shopping I am here to serve as your personal shopper in choosing the right pen for the right person.


  • Kafka Fountain Pen with Mottishaw XF nib SOLD
  • Oscar Wilde SOLD
  • Louis XIV SOLD
  • Octavian SOLD
  • Lorenzo de Medici SOLD
  • Semiramis
  • Prince Regent SOLD
  • Catherine the Great SOLD
  • Peter the Great SOLD
  • 149-14K-this has probably been used SOLD
  • 149-18K-this has probably been used SOLD


  • Toledo M900(122/500 USA) SOLD
  • Toledo M910 with travel Ecritoire SOLD
  • Golden Dynasty
  • Hunting SOLD
  • Transparent Souveran M800
  • Transparent M200
  • M800Green-this has probably been used
  • M800 blk-this has probably been used
In 1987, having gone to the brink of extinction and being saved by Swiss bankers and Asian investors, Pelikan built its first oversized pen, based on the early postwar design of the famed Pelikan 400. The M800, as the new pen was designated, was intended to compete with the larger pens of its long-time rival, Montblanc. The new pen was a departure and, presumably, a necessary risk, for the company. The gamble paid off and over the next few years the Pelikan M800 emerged as arguably the finest pen of its era.

For those of you who want to wear your allegiance to Pelikan front and center, we are pleased to offer these belt buckles. They are cast in bronze by a leading pen collector who is also a jewellry maker. They are just under two inches in diameter and have a bracket that allows you to put them on any 1 ¼” belt. We can also offer them in sterling silver.

The brass buckles are $175.00 plus shipping and we can supply them with a belt for $205.00.

Click here to buy this item or get more info.

Purpose, Pens and Pelikans

This year marks twenty-seven years of pen collecting for me. I began with Sheaffers and Parkers and then looked to the classical "big four," of American pendom, Parker, Sheaffer, Watermans and Eversharp. In the mid-1990s, I decided to focus narrowly on Parkers. Then in 1997, I became interested in Pelikans. More recently I have added an interest in oversize German pens, modern and a few vintage Italian pens and a representative sample of the classical American greats.

Today my collection is probably smaller than it was a decade ago, but far more coherent. For more see the About Me page. If you wish to learn more about Pelikan pens please follow this link to the illustrated Pelikan History article I wrote for PenTrace. The purpose of PENguin is to offer other collectors, and anyone else who is interested, first rate, fully restored pens to add to your collection or for daily use. All pens offered here have been fully restored by me or by German craftsmen who I trust and are guaranteed to you for two years. (Please note that this guarantee is not transferrable.) I want you to be able to use or enjoy your pens as much as I do.


At the end of last year, my wife, Sharon, retired after twenty five years as a librarian at Stanford University. Even before that we had decided that travel would be at the top of our agenda. Since the beginning of the year we have done trips to California’s Napa Valley and we have just finished a 10,000 mile odyssey across the American southwest. For me photography is part of travel and even though I am no great lensman, I have shared just a few of my snaps on The PENguin Blog.

In the months to come I expect to post images of our annual trip to Ashland, this year to include a run up to Portland and in the Fall we plan on going to Spain to attend the Madrid Pen Show and tour the country. In the interim I hope to get us back to New York, but that is under discussion.

In the meantime enjoy a sample of images from our travels past and recent.

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